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Hunt Or Be Hunted Experience at Chewton Glen.

Fabulous article on the Hampshire Conference Bureau.

Hunt or be Hunted experience at Chewton Glen Last month we were incredibly lucky to be invited to the Stunning Hotel that is Chewton Glen, to take part in an adrenaline pumping event ‘Huntor be Hunted’. Delivered by elite Hunters from the award winning channel 4 show, HUNTED and CELEBRITY HUNTED, Steve and Becky put the teams through their paces and our newest member of the team, Lucy got to experience what it’s really like to be ‘on the run’. The event was organised by Lisa in aid of Meeting Needs and was a great success.“We expected that the day was going to be fun, but hadn’t imagined quite how amazingly engaged everyone became. The Hunt or Be Hunted Team we’re absolutely brilliant and we received phenomenal feedback from all the participants”. Lisa Lernoux-Dock -Sales Director MICERead more about Lucy’s experience below.“ Well… where do I start? From start to finish my heart did not stop racing! I had watched the show a few times before so thought I had a pretty good idea about what was to come but boy was I wrong. We were given a short, vague brief then BOOM the race is on to get to the extraction point before getting caught, and they don’t play gentle either. We were being watched from the skies, had dogs on our tail and even the hedge rows weren’t safe! We really had to work together as a team if we were to stand any chance of making it and by the skin of our teeth with literally millimeters to spare we made it. It was by far one of the best team building experiences I’ve ever done and would highly recommend it to anyone who gets the opportunity and if you do make sure you’ve got your running shoes!”For more information about the Hunt or be Hunted experience visit

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